CON-TECH is pleased to offer several trim options of swing door enclosures. The Cardinal series is a standard line of semi-frameless enclosures, they have both a metal door jamb side and threshold. The Craftsman series feature fully framed doors (metal all the way around the glass). Both are available in a nearly unlimited number of configurations.

For a truly clean look, choose a heavy glass or cast glass enclosure made from 3/8″ or 1/2″ glass. These use clips or channels to connect the glass.

TruFit Series

Trufit Series

The remarkable new 3/8″ clear glass TruFit enclosure is economical, has lots of adjustment options, and can even go on a fiberglass unit. Learn More

Cardinal Series Swing

Cardinal Series

The Cardinal series swing door, available in eight finishes, fourteen glass patterns, and unlimited configurations. Learn More

Craftsman Series Swing

Craftsman Builder Series

Solidly-built fully framed swing door enclosures available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. Learn More

Uptown Grand Series

Uptown Series

Similar to the Cardinal series, without the metal jamb between the door and glass. The Uptown Grand even does away with the header. Learn More

Heavy Glass Enclosures

Heavy Glass Enclosures

Enclosures built with 3/8″ or 1/2″ glass, using clips or channels to connect the glass. Dozens of patterns and colors available. Learn More

Cast Glass

Cast Glass

Premium line of shower enclosures. This richly textured glass is amazing and will completely transform your bathroom. Learn More

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