The Apollo series enclosures are our premium aluminum shower enclosure. The header resembles crown molding and the wall jambs look like fluted wood. Solid through-the-glass hardware resembles turned wood and have a great feel. For smaller shower openings our standard wall jambs can be used in place of the wider Apollo style wall jambs.The Apollo Series is available with our optional Cardinal S-Curve glass. The Apollo series can accommodate 1/4″ glass while the Heavy Apollo series can take 3/8″ clear, patterned or even cast glass, creating a gorgeous slider.

Available Sizes for Apollo Series:

  • 46″ to 72″ Wide

Standard Heights for Apollo Series:

  • 57 3/8″, 62 3/8″, 70 3/8″, 75 3/8″

Glass for Apollo Series:

  • Apollo Series – 1/4″ Clear
  • Heavy Apollo Series – 3/8″ Clear
  • Dozens of other patterned and cast glass available

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